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Novelis Inc. is an American industrial aluminum company, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. It is a subsidiary of Indian aluminium and copper manufacturing company Hindalco Industries. Novelis is a leading producer of rolled aluminum and the global leader in beverage can recycling. The company serves customers in sectors including beverage cans, automotive, consumer electronics, construction, foil and packaging.

A technician with the company says, "It seems as though much of the upper management [at Novelis] is simply there to collect a paycheck and "do their time". There is a lot of political back-stabbing (especially amongst the ex-alcan employees) in order to assert their dominance and maintain their salaries. Are these things great for the company and its employees? Absolutely not. There is a recognition at the highest levels that these things happen , but no one wants to do anything about it. If you stay in your sphere, keep your head down, and shut up, everything is fine. But do not ask questions or you will be the target of scrutiny and termination. One only has to look at the various R&D centers (Kennesaw, Sierre, Spokane) to see this pattern. If your people are afraid...something is wrong."


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Current Employee - Technician II says

"It seems as though much of the upper management is simply there to collect a paycheck and "do their time". There is a lot of political back-stabbing (especially amongst the ex-alcan employees) in order to assert their dominance and maintain their salaries. Are these things great for the company and its employees? Absolutely not. There is a recognition at the highest levels that these things happen , but no one wants to do anything about it. If you stay in your sphere, keep your head down, and shut up, everything is fine. But do not ask questions or you will be the target of scrutiny and termination. One only has to look at the various R&D centers (Kennesaw, Sierre, Spokane) to see this pattern. If your people are afraid...something is wrong."

Project Manager says

"The management changes and reorganizing over the past few years have really hurt the center. The work feels sterile and crippled by administrative work and "quality" systems that none of our customers wanted. Must have been an initiative by current leadership to show we are a "world class" facility when it's only been regressing over my time here."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Shocking that the Atlanta Business Chronicle Just gave an award to HR!!!! Don’t they read Glassdoor? Didn’t they find out about the incident after the Christmas Party last December involving a senior manager and subordinates drinking to excess... Senior Manger is still employed! Favoritism, fear of lawsuits? WTH! This week someone wrote Novelis Sucks on the Wall in the Womens Restroom following the latest dubious vindictive firing of a staff member who suffered from overbearing management and abuse. morale has reached a new low (if that’s possible!)."

Former Employee - Research Technologist says

"I started 5 years ago as the new Global Research center was being set up. It moved from Kingston Canada and some staff came down but there were many gaps to fill especially in the labs. The first 2 years were therefore exciting and the management directive was to drive NGRTC to become a world class R and D center. The primary problem was that project leaders complained they could not get enough data fast from the labs (while they sat in meetings all day). Everything requested was urgent and needed immediately. But when project review time came around and project leads had to prepare presentations they would go back to the labs to ask for that same URGENT data that they clearly had not even looked at. Labs would point to the email with data sent to the project lead a month (or even 2!) earlier, so clearly the “urgent” data wasn’t as urgent as it seemed. This resulted in a huge divide between Project leads/scientists (really engineers not scientists). Management couldn’t understand the problem so they spent inordinate numbers of hours trying to allocate the lab staff time down to the last second to enhance the efficiency of the labs. This allocation work happened quarterly and was altered every quarter to try to take into account more and more facets of the lab daily operations (vacation time, maintenance, admin/meetings/other events etc…). So project leads spent up to a month each quarter dealing with this allocations problem trying to request exactly the resources they needed and fighting vigorously amongst themselves why they need the lab staffs time. Then came new management that decided there was a simple solution. Just force the lab staff into more accountability for their time, forget providing time to grow the staff and just chain them to the equipment and keep it churning as efficiently as possible. If the staff couldn’t keep up just outsource the work to other labs. But as already pointed out the project leads/Engineers already couldn’t keep up with the data they were getting from the labs before so things just got worse. Projects languished, nothing useful was resolved or discovered. But it actually wasn’t the project lead/engineers fault."

Former Employee - Supervisor says

"With a focus in Kennesaw , the culture is quite combative and director and manager use combative and demeaning languages to control employees. One of the recent reviews by “current supervisor “ really says it all. The language used “ whiny” and “ few disgruntled employees “ clearly shows the clear disconnect between leadership and actual state to a point of “ denial”. The fact that supervisors indicate that employees have it in Novelis R&D better than other places is a clear logical fallacy. It is such responses , brand of leadership and mentality that clearly killed innovation already and pushed most of high performing professionals out of Kennesaw facility . The strategy is true fragments that “ look pretty” but is quite empty. For a strategy to work , you need motivated and knowledgeable people to execute and given how toxic Kennesaw is , there are very few left ..."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Regarding the NGRTC facility in Kennesaw: - Non-engineers cannot progress their careers at this company. - Company culture is widely considered to be toxic, combative, and oppressive. - Talent retention has struggled significantly as a growing number of seasoned professionals with experience in other organizations have started seeking job opportunities with competitors. - The human resources department rarely adheres to confidentiality guidelines. - Most research projects are conducted by external contractors. - Management has little relevant scientific background, making scientific advising and technical career growth very difficult. - There is no mechanism in place for upwards feedback. - Many full-time employees are encouraged to approach their tenure as if they were contract employees. - There is no safe space for employees to voice concerns about their work environment. - Internal efforts are in place to post positive online company reviews to counteract increasingly frequent negative feedback from current and former employees."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The last few reviews posted are very accurate. There is nobody in management from HR to overall lab Management that knows how to manage an R&D Lab or understands what research is. They are all engineers or business development trained and couldn't recognize a scientific experiment if they saw one. There is not a technical leader in the facility."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Novelis is worried about their turnover rate so they give you a high salary with a bad title to essentially "trap" you and keep you locked in place from ever leaving the company and getting a better job elsewhere. If you didn't go to a tier 1 university forget about ever getting promoted unless you're good friends with middle and upper management. Also, get use to 2-3% raises every year. You will also spend half your day in meetings."

Former Employee - Communications says

"leadership is all over the place"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Centralized management structure destroying cultural value. Leadership team unable and unwilling to bring balance to dictatorial management process driven by Mr. Martens. Lack of integrity characterized by misleading and incorrect statements made regarding the elimination of retiree health care."

Lead Scientist - Technical Lead (Current Employee) says

"Only those that go along with the BS are rewarded. Higher performing staff members are not rewarded. It’s all about perception. If you join in all the HR events and “go along” with all the new “directives” to make the place appear like a wonderland of unicorns you do well ... no matter how poor your performance in “rea” or productive work.NoneEverything. The place stripsThe humanity out of you."

FABRICATOR (Former Employee) says

"Political place to work. Small town, everyone knows everyone. Do care about safety, when safety people are around. The safety people care about safety."

Director, Global PMO/ Global Operations & Projects (Former Employee) says

"The architecture team was not adequately prepared to launch a global VM upgrade across time zones. Support staff and SMEs are needed to ensure the company objectives are being effectively met."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"If you want to be overworked and have no life, then work here. For a manufacturer you only get 8 holidays off, which isn't even competitive. For Central NY there are better manufacturers in the areaNoneOnly 8 Holidays, most manufacturers give 12 at least"

Electrician (Former Employee) says

"Was let go for absolutely no reason, nor will they give me one. They withhold union dues although your not actually a union member until 90 days then let you go on your 85th day. Forced into working overtime, no matter what you have going on in your personal life, overall a spineless company to be associated with.. Evidently they do not like people that work hard and show up on time everyday and knowledgeable people that actually do want to work AND WORK SAFELY. This is a prime example of working in some third world sweat shop..noneeverything"

Carretillero (Current Employee) says

"Ambiente de trabajo normal,malas y frias instalaciones,pesimo lugar de descanso y muy pesimo para comer."

Reliability Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Working here was professional the worse period I have had and a year or so I will Never get back. The only positives I take from working there is i did a lot of self learning"

Technician II (Current Employee) says

"Worked at the Kennesaw lab for almost 5 years now and never have I seen a company so endowed with money, but so deficient in competent leadership & management. The parent company is foreign-owned and it is run that way: people are regarded as a commodity whose status is ranks lower than a herd of steers. "Steer" Clear of this place if you can. Managers are hostile, the corporate structure is nonsensical and they are termination-happy. They would not know true R&D if it smucked them in the face. I have personally seen employees being verbally abused by beverages, benefitshostile management"

office (Former Employee) says

"I can't complain about the floor staff they are great to work with. When someone is down and out they have no personal skills (management). Good luck whoever gets the job you need it. Especially when you know six jobs."

auxiliar administrativa (Former Employee) says

"Marcar e controlar compromissos, reuniões e viagens; Atender e fazer chamadas telefônicas; Controlar a correspondência de entrada e saídaos funcionarios são bem tratadoso salario e baixo"

Facility Operstions (Former Employee) says

"No Future and no advancement possible.Very poor managemet, based upon a class system.Doesn't matter level of education nor won'tgo anywhere with this company!no break, very prejudiced people"

Associate Cast Operator (Current Employee) says

"H.R is a joke. H.R leader in 30642 is 100% for the company, not for you. I was looked over several times during my 4+ career because I wasn’t in the “click”. Supervision had their favorites and over looked the more qualified and capable individuals. The operation employee's are like family. Management will not listen to the production operators.The flexible 2-2-3 work schedulePoor morale, rotating shifts, old dilapidated buildings, no insulation, poor maintenance response"

Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"I wish I would have taken the other job offer I received. I picked Novelis because of the location. Just wait until you go through the culture training as it is truly transforming (think gallant prince to sick frog). I am currently contemplating calling the company's ethics hotline due to the experience that a workmate of mine is having at the Kennesaw Research center. Not a nice place to work. Backstabbing coworkers, abhorrent managers, confuzzled matrix system and dirty carpet."

Marketing and External Communication Analyst (Former Employee) says

"They don't consider your personal life and you are never paid for home office hours or extra hours inside the office. They lie about their healthy quality program.Good awardsLong hours"

Electrical Technician (Current Employee) says

"Very phony and narcissistic managers abound, recently they have begun the new practice of saying hello in hallways--the change could not be more drastic as they used to either just ignore you or stick their noses in the air. The "say anything" culture is non-existent, it is really say anything as long as it is just a mash-up of what was just passed down to you by the powers that be. Do not contradict or question anything or there will be consequences. Career advancement is not good for some types of employees (and no, not just ones with perceived attitudes). The lab is restructured every two years or so and it seems like with every change it just gets worse. Almost all of the managers are novices and it is very evident. Arguments are heard in the common areas periodically and some employees have been reprimanded either directly in front of their peers or indirectly. The Kennesaw lab is not respected by the plants and with good reason. A lot of the work in the lab is getting farmed out to outside companies now. The quality system is burdensome and the safety culture is good, but stifling. Some "groups" at Kennesaw are definitely better than others, I am addressing one of the poorer ones. The company itself is more concerned with quantity of product produced over quality, so naturally there are a lot of customer issues that the Kennesaw lab gets to address. I have watched a steady succession of great scientists, technologists and engineers leave this workplace and I know why.....Pay is good for someManagement and HR"

SAP Sr. Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Company is very cut throat; everyone for themselves. Not a good working environment. Benefits are good, but micro managing. Need a overhaul of Global IT ManagersBenefitsWork Environment"

Senior Accountant-North America Consolidations (Current Employee) says

"I work in Accounting at NovelisI am sure that there are pockets in Novelis where people absolutely love their job. But I would say at least 70% of the company's employees are miserable in their role. If you don't mind long hours, and want to get your career under way then Novelis maybe good for you. If you are a seasoned professional who has seen how a company should work, you wouldn't be happy here.All processes are broke, convoluted and complex. Roles will be sometimes completely different from when you were hired. I often work between 10 to 12 hours days and sometimes more.novelis is a 10 billion dollar company located in the heart of buckhead. the staff is young, so you will definitely get an opportunity to deal with people in your age bracket.long hours"

Project Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Management is trying to do a good job but not much efficient. Some key member of the management is not qualified for their job other than working in the company for long pricing product for employeesLong hours"

Staff (Former Employee) says

"I left during a transition that was failing and ended up driving the workforce to try and organize. The Atlanta team did not listen or care for the plant and was solely focused on one thing and it was failing miserably. Did not care for opinion of local staff, Local HR and plant leader at time were focused solely on their own advancement.Pay, employeesHealthcare, matrix organization, turnover of staff"

Roll grind tech (Former Employee) says

"Novelis, while a high paying job, it’s also a very dangerous, thankless, unappreciative job. My direct supervisor, tried to make me stay at work, when I found out that I had to take my wife in to have melanoma removal surgery."

University Of Cambridge- Dept PHPC says

"Very bad! Even after paid in full our reward codes weren't released! Just because someone else hasn't paid theirs! This is not acceptable at all. You must do something to avoid this kind of things in the future."

Anonymous says

"Process was not straightforward and did not align to our payment processes. Was trying to pay using a PO number but was not able to get a quote to raise this until I had placed the order, which is not the way payments are processed at my organisation. Despite trying to e-mail to get clarifications, seemed like I was constantly getting an automated response and no one was listening to me. Invoices said they did not include VAT but it did include VAT on some products which added further confusion. Overall a very complicated process for something I thought would be simple."


"Took almost 2 weeks to arrive, apparently the full address did not have enough detail. Not delivered to the correct address in the end."


"Very poor service did not receive what we asked for and had to contact several times to get a response from emails. Will not use again. Cheers"

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